Some Way My Mom Loses Sleep Over My Decorating

My mother has such a mind that just doesn’t want to turn off and often keeps her awake at night. What prevented you from sleeping last night? The lighting in the large bathroom of John & Alice. Or rather, my decision to change the lighting in John & Alice’s master bathroom.

Currently, John and Alice have a built-in box above the vanity area with fluorescent tubes that put out a lot of light. It originally looked like this:

The open space at the bottom of the light box was “framed” with ordinary molding, and then had one of those plastic grids-things that are often used with fluorescent lamps.

Yesterday I asked my mom to help me with a mirror project at John & Alice (more on that tomorrow), and I shared with her my Plan for someone to replace the fluorescent lamps with recessed lights, then dry the open space at the bottom of the box (with holes for the new lights, of course).

This conversation kept my mom awake last night. A few years ago, I redesigned her bathroom. He went from this…

And even though she absolutely loves her bathroom, the one thing she was never happy about was the lighting. We opted for recessed lighting, but because of the ceiling joists, we had a placement problem. To complete the lighting, We installed sconces on the mirrors. It would seem that this would be enough lighting, but it is still not so. I got an e-mail from her this morning.:

Although I was surprised at first that she suggested keeping fluorescent tubes, I can’t deny that when this light is on in J&a’s bathroom, it emits an excellent light that is neither too direct nor too harsh. If I put a 4″ recessed lighting on each area, the lighting will definitely be direct, which will probably make it hard.

I like fluorescent lights. ** Sneak!!** I know, I know. This is the second design decision (the first regarding my chandelier) that I made This week solely based on my mother’s practical suggestions.

So tell me…when it comes to form over function, which one wins most often for you?