Popular Painted and Decorated Ceilings

So many homeowners paint their ceilings white and don’t think about it anymore. But their ceilings are like a fifth wall in their rooms. They are a great place to add texture, color and patterns that can give your space a quality look.

Although I’m still personally jumping on the ceiling decoration bandwagon, I’ve definitely been thinking about it lately. I have put together fourteen different ideas to think about painted and decorated ceilings.

A dark color on the ceiling is a great way to add a little drama and interest to a room. This works especially well if you have high ceilings and a lot of natural light. I don’t know when everyone decided that black was a scary color to paint the walls, but it looks awesome on that ceiling. If the dark is too bold for you, you can use any dark color to really get into a neutral room.

A lighter colored ceiling would work well in a bathroom, a child’s room or just about any room. If you are a little afraid of color, a soothing sapphire used in a small space like this bathroom can be the perfect way to find color.

Who knew that a metal ceiling could look so awesome? I love the quirkiness that the butterflies add. This ceiling is finished with silver foil, but a similar look can be achieved with metallic paint (available in most large Hardware Stores). This look would be great in a bathroom, a dining room or even a bedroom.

If you find things a little brighter and more cheerful, how about the birds? This look is perfect for the ceiling of a child’s room. And note the unexpected use of yellow instead of the sapphire that most would expect to see for a sky. This ceiling and room design can be used for a boy or a girl.

Tembowls can also be used on tembowls, as in this great example. If you don’t keep the walls very busy, you can glue a beautiful pattern to the ceiling. It certainly adds an unexpected detail to a room.

If you like a more rustic log cabin look, you can add a rustic touch to the space by adding recycled wood to the ceiling. The wood makes the room so heat and welcoming. The best part: by using recycled wood, you are doing good for the environment while making your home rustic.

This look can work, whether you have a sloping roof or a flat ceiling.

Stripes can be well applied to a ceiling for a variety of looks and styles. A yellow one with a white striped ceiling next to the black one with white walls will fit well into this modern children’s room.

The squares on the ceiling can add a great retro touch to a room. The use of brighter colors makes it much more subtle and less overwhelming. You can use paint or even floor tiles to achieve this look.

Wooden ceilings don’t have to be too rustic. If you like a cleaner and more “together” look, but you still appreciate the heath that wood can bring to a room, you can use any new stained wood of the same color. This is a great ceiling, and although most of us can never do something so spectacular in our homes, a similar look can be achieved on a smaller scale with square shapes. It would look good in a man cave.

Another Option for a rustic Look is to use bricks on the ceiling. You can use the lightly made one inch thick bricks to create this look. If you have very high ceilings, you can also use brick wallpaper to achieve a similar look. From afar, your visitors would never know that it’s not real! If the chandelier is too formal, you can use a few pendant lights hanging in a row for a more modern look.

Bamboo on a blanket can create a coastal or Tropical look. You can use bamboo outdoors because it is weather resistant, which makes it ideal for a covered patio or porch. Bamboo would also be great in a living room or somewhere in a beach cottage.

Just like a stencil, a hand-painted pattern on a very large scale can look dramatic in a room. Just imagine it in a bedroom and discover this magnificent Design while lying in bed! Of course, you can use this idea in any room where you want to add a little drama. A dining room would also be a great space to use a large painted design on the ceiling.

If you have a drawer ceiling, this striped tent effect is a great way to make the drawer ceiling stand out. For a children’s room, you can use bright colors for an excellent circus effect. In other rooms, you can avoid the circus effect by using softer or even neutral colors.

The Chevron design is a big trend in decoration This year. If you like the Chevron, consider adding it to your ceiling! Use neutral tone-on-tone colors so that it does not look dominant.

As you can see, there are a number of options to add interest and detail to your covers. I definitely look at my blankets differently now and I see many possibilities for size. I hope you’re feeling inspired too!