New Butterfly Gallery Wall and Butterfly Images

I finished the butterfly gallery wall in the toilet area of the master bathroom yesterday. To find these images, I went to the biodiversity heritage library on Flickr and spent a few hours browsing through the different libraries and selecting the butterflies I wanted to use. Each of the butterflies had to be modified with my photo editing software for size and color because I wanted it on a white background. After cutting 30 butterfly images and editing them all, this is what came out…

I got my frames for a bargain at Michael’s, then I had the butterflies printed at CVS. I had them printed as 8″ x 10″ prints with two butterflies per print. I also found a coupon online for 60% off, so I printed out the 30 butterflies.

It took much longer than expected to unpack and disassemble the frames, cut the butterflies to fit the carpets, clean all the glass, glue the butterfly prints and assemble everything. But once that was done, I was ready to install the gallery wall.

I almost always hang frames (something 11″ x 14″ and smaller) with command picture hanging strips (the two-piece strips that snap together like velcro). After attaching these strips to the back of the frames, I was ready to glue the frames to the wall. I had already decided in which order to hang the butterflies so that the colors were evenly spaced (I didn’t want two shades of sapphire hanging side by side or all the heat colors grouped together), I started with the upper central frame. After marking the center of the wall and the center of the frame, I glued the frame to the wall with the level to make sure it was level.

And then I worked from there, using the level along the top and a piece of trim in the middle of the frames to ensure good even spacing.

I just used a piece of trim that I placed on the floor at the bottom of the walls and that was about 1.5 inches wide. This distance seemed perfect, so I followed it.

Of course, I used two hands for this process, but I continued to peak the next frame in one hand with the trim sitting on top…

… and with the other hand, I held the level perpendicular to the side to make sure it was level. And then I pressed the frame against the wall.

After tying the “T” with the upper horizontal row and the central vertical column, I worked on the remaining rows from top to bottom.

Knowing that the top row and the middle column were flat, I only used two linings, one at the top and one on the side to store everything else. The rest of the process went very quickly.

And here is the finished wall. I haven’t reinstalled the toilet yet because I think it will be much easier to build the cabinet without a toilet. Once I have it installed, I see that I need another row of frames. But I will wait and see once it is installed. Right now I have five rows of five frames.

I like the way it ended. It brings just enough color to this otherwise very white and sterile area.

You must be in the bathroom to see all the photos. Even offsite, right next to the bathroom, I still can’t see them all.

But I like the way these bring the nature feel of the mural to this area of the bathroom. Actually, I originally wanted to make birds because you know how much I love birds. But I already have a wall Of birds in our house, and I’ve been thinking about another one maybe too much. Butterflies and moths were a close second because they are available in many different colors. I think they are the perfect complement in this area.

Then I will start building the closet that will go in this area. It will be a painted closet, and I still don’t know what color to paint. I don’t want it to be too surprising because it can be seen from most of the room, but I’m not destined to paint it white either. It seems far too boring. Maybe a light gray of the mural? I have no idea. We’ll see.