Must Looking for Great Inexpensive Decorator Fabric

This weekend I was looking for a bold fabric for a few different projects I’m working on. In my town, we really don’t have many fabric stores, so my first stop is usually JoAnn Fabrics.

I am less and less impressed by their selection of decorators’ fabrics in stock – the ones on the long rolls. I swear I’ve seen the same prints for at least 10 years. In fact, I know very well that one of the fabrics that I see every time I go there, I bought and used pillows. Fifteen years ago!!!

They have a pretty impressive range of decorative fabrics for special orders, especially since they have recently included a few new lines. But I needed instant gratification. I didn’t want to wait two weeks for the fabric.

Then her well-stocked selection of Home Accessories caught my eye. These are 100% cotton fabrics and cost about a yard. They are only available in 45″ wide, but it is very good for pillows and other small projects. Check out some of these awesome models:

Aren’t they great?! It really seems that they regularly add new ones, because every time I go there recently I see one that I have never seen before. Unfortunately, they don’t have all of them on their website. In fact, my two favorites are not found on the JoAnn Fabrics website. But I took some pictures while I was there. I was looking for a fabric that coordinates with the PB Teen/sham striped quilt that works in this room.

I like the latter so much that I am looking for a place to use it in my small apartment. Maybe in my office… maybe a Roman shadow. Hmmm…We’ll see. I have way too many projects to do in other rooms before I can give my office another idea!!