Latest New Home Gym Flooring Issues

It has taken me the last three days to take control of the abdominal anxiety that has been building up for some time. Not only did I need to get organized again so that I could find my tools, but I also had to clean up the mess so that I had room to build the vanities and the bathroom cabinet.

I’ve cleaned up and organized almost everything, but I’m still waiting on some nut toppings that I ordered (which should be here by Thursday), so I’ve started working in the home studio in the meantime.

The floor in this room is a little messed up, and I’m not talking about drywall dust and drywall mud all over the floor. These things can be cleaned, so I don’t worry about it. I’m talking about the flooring in this room.

For some reason, there doesn’t seem to be a barrier in the middle of the hardwood floor and the subfloor underneath in this space. In the rest of the house, in the middle of the parquet and the subfloor, there is a layer of tar paper that acts as a vapor / moisture barrier. But for some reason there is no such barrier in this room.

The reason you can see daylight under the house is because there are vents around the perimeter that evacuate the crawl space, and there happens to be a vent right there that lets the light in. But it shows you how much this space is “spilling”. I am sure that all these defects only absorb our cold air-conditioned air.

So, the first task after cleaning the room was to use foam sprayed on all edges. I used Loctite spray foam, which is much harder and denser than other brands I have used in the past.

I went around the two outer walls of the room.

It took a while for it to fully expand, then it took a few more hours for it to completely harden.

Once it was completely firm, I used my most flexible knife and cut off the excess.

This will at least prevent our cold conditioned air from being taked directly from these rooms.

The interesting thing is that there was a very striking difference. While waiting for the sprayed foam to expand and harden completely, I left the room for a few hours and closed the door to the home gym behind me. When I came back to continue working, it was noticeably colder in this room. I was really amazed at the difference it made.

The other floor problem in this room is this: the hardwood floor panel. I know I’ve already shown it to you, but there’s a board that’s being eaten by something. And what causes this is an absolute secret for me.

I looked at the original photos I took of this piece, and although this board was damaged, it didn’t look like it does now. This is what it looked like almost nine years ago…

And this is what it looks like now. I could literally take this board off with my hands. No tools were needed.

I mean, it looks like an absolute mess. And although my first thought (years ago) was that it must be termites, I have literally never seen a single Termite. Not only that, but the only thing that is affected is this single board. Nothing else is affected.

I inspected the rest of the soil in the area and found two other areas that seem to be affected, so I thought maybe all this would spread.

But no. It’s the same painting. It’s just a very long board, but it’s the same board.

Literally nothing else is affected. None of the other floor slabs are affected and the subfloor underneath is perfectly fine. That’s the strangest thing. I have no explanation for this.

Anyway, I’m going to keep working here for the next few days and see what I can do before the walnut tree arrives on Thursday.

So that will be my project for the next two days. I hope I can finish all the panels, then I can start working on the vanities and the bathroom cabinet. At least now I have a lot of free space to build them!