Latest Bathroom W/c Feature Wall Inspiration and Plan

Okay, first of all, I know that it is strange to have a characteristic wall in a toilet (in America this term means “A compartment or a room with a toilet”) in a bathroom. But our large bathroom is a bit strange. When designing for a wheelchair user, everything needs to be larger and more spaced out. So, where most of the toilets in the main bathrooms of American houses are small rooms, they have a separate door that can be locked from the rest of the bathroom, ours is larger without a door. And since this area is larger than most water closets, I have a large wall behind the toilet.

And you know me. I can’t just leave a big wall with nothing on it. If there is a big wall, I will put something on it. 😀

Knowing that I would have a large wall behind the toilet that would not be visible from most of the bathroom, I looked for an idea to add color and interest to this wall. I considered making some kind of artwork, but then I came across a photo on Instagram that really piqued my interest. I love this wall with a grid of small colorful images.

And of course, that was just the general idea that I liked. I wanted to take this general idea and add my own style. And what is this style? White frames of course! I love just about anything in a white frame, and it’s even superior to turn many colorful, white-framed objects into a Gallery wall!

For clarity, the wall I’m talking about is this wall in the photo below which is pink. But as I shared yesterday, this wall will not remain pink. I tried but I didn’t like it, so it turns white like the other walls.

After taking some measurements, I went to Michael yesterday afternoon to see if they had enough frames to fill this wall. I knew I had a superior chance of winning the lottery when Michael had 35 matching frames, but I still wanted to look.

I came across these frames that were perfect. They were well made (unlike some of the frames I bought there), and they had double mats. Together with the double mat, they contain a 4″ x 6″ image. Without the mats, they contain 5″ x 7″ images. It was exactly what I was looking for!

So I stood there with my calculator in my hand and thought about how much I would need for my Gallery based on the external dimensions of this frame (which measures 7″ x 9″). He came up with 35.I need 35 photos. Jackets! These frames had a price.

They had a sale who bought one at the normal price and got the second frame at 50% off. But even then, each frame would be a piece. This is for 35 photos. Again, the jackets.!

And of course, they didn’t have enough in stock. I considered buying all the frames in all the colors – white, black, silver and white – and then spraying them. But even then it was not enough.

So I went to their website to see if I could order the rest and I found the frame sold by piece. But I also found an eight-pack of the same frame!! What?! It’s just everyone. I don’t think I’ve ever seen quality frames sold at such a low price! They also have the following size, which includes a 5″x 7″ photo or an 8″ x 10″ without the mats, in a pack of 8. In the store, these frames cost respectively. In the eight-pack sold online, they are each.

If you already want to make a Gallery wall and are looking for beautiful frames that won’t break the sofa, these are a great Option! I didn’t get the instant gratification I was hoping for yesterday, but the chance of it happening when I need 35 images was about 0%. And with that kind of savings, it’s worth the wait.