Know Master Bathroom the Water Closet Toilet Area Is Finished

The finishing of this small part of the large bathroom has been long, but it is finally complete. This is how the toilet (The toilet) in the master bathroom failed…

It’s a small space, so even with my wide-angle lens, it’s difficult to get a complete image. But it is much larger than the Standard toilets of American houses, which can be seen by the fact that there is enough space for a rather large freestanding storage closet and there is room to save.

I’m going to go back and tell you about the lamps that I installed in the storage cabinet. This is a closet that I built with the leftover French doors that I removed from our pantry. If you missed the storage cabinets project, you can see these articles here:

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After the closet was finished, I decided that I wanted lighting inside, not only so that the beautiful stained wood could be seen in the closet, but also to act as a night light at night, like the lights on the open shelves in the hallway bathroom.

To illuminate the cabinet, I used 24-foot LED light strips from Home Depot. I drilled a 3/4 inch hole in the bottom of the cabinet and ran the light cord through it. The wires of the ribbon lamps are usually unscrewed or disconnected from the actual electrical outlet, which plugs into the wall so that they can be powered through holes in the cabinets.

After inserting the cord into the bottom of the cabinet, I removed the plastic from the duct tape holder on the duct tape lights and glued them to the back of the cabinet frame. I started at the bottom left…

If the light strip is too long, there will be specific places on the strip (about every 10 inches or so) where you can cut it. So, they don’t always have the perfect length, because you can only cut them in those specific places, but there is no way they will get stuck with a few meters of excess bulbs.

After that, I used a short white extension cord (because my walls are white), I put it in the wall, I hid it a little with a plant, then I passed this extension cord under the cabinet and put the light inside.

The light strips are delivered with a remote control. They are dimmable and these change color. But since I also use them as a night light, these lamps stay on all the time. I keep the lights in the hallway and the shelves open 24/24 and 7/7.

Now let’s take a look at this part of the room. Please note that this room was originally the master bedroom and the part of the room that is now the toilet where the bedroom door was located in the hallway.

And then we moved this whole wall to the hallway to make it smaller (thank god we had a lot of space in the hallway) to align this wall with the back wall of the dressing room, the one behind the closed door on the left in the image above.

Once the entire back wall was square, the door was closed, and the wall separating the closet from the bedroom was gone (and many other frames and other things had been done), the new wall could be built, and the area behind wall was separated in the shower on one side and in the other two, the new wall could be built, and the

But now it is a practical room that not only has the toilet, but also a large and beautiful storage room where we can store all kinds of bathroom items. Here is the view from where my vanity will go…

So you really have to look around the corner to see the butterfly wall. It is a joyful and colorful little surprise when you enter this small room.

I’m not really a fan of round bowl toilets, but I didn’t have much choice in this situation. I searched high and low for a toilet with an elongated bowl that would fit behind this wall and not protrude beyond the wall. I found one. It was a wall that hugged a Toilet. But when it was installed, not only was it not properly flushed, but it was so small that it looked like a children’s toilet.

So, in order to get one that didn’t look like a child’s toilet, but also didn’t protrude beyond the wall, I had to get a round bowl. It’s not my favorite, but it’s interesting that it bothers me a lot less than I thought. At least this one is a Delta, so not only does it work well, but I was able to buy the little handle that matches the rest of the plumbing fixtures in the bathroom, because they are all Delta too.

I filled the closet with our bath towels, towels, washcloths, toilet paper, bath bombs, Epsom salts (three different varieties stored in cute little glass containers with labels), etc.

Here is a superior view of the elements of the storage cabinet. I love Epsom salts and I found a new one, a melatonin sleep formula. So, I have this, plus the coconut oil type, then the regular Epsom salt.

So that’s it! This area is now finished and next is the main wall of the walnut vanities and the storage cabinet! Jackets!!