Check New Decorative Paper Book Jacket

Are you ready for a really, really, incredibly simple project? That’s it!

Some of you may remember that you had to make these shelves when you were in elementary school. The school has published its textbooks, then you have to keep them covered with shelves all year round. But for those of you who have never had to do it, let me show you how easy it is.

I love using hardcover books for decoration, but so often the books I find at customers’ houses (or at home for my own decoration) are not pretty at all.

The simple solution is to create your own book covers. I used regular brown paper for the books that I used in John and Alice’s room, but if you prefer more color (or a specific color), you can be creative and use wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper (for small books) and even scraps of wallpaper.

Remove the book and fold the bottom edge of the paper about 3 or 4 inches to get a straight, neat edge.

Place the book about 1/8″ from the edge of the fold and fold the top of the paper along the top of the book. Take out the book and fold the top edge down to make a straight, neat fold along the top. Put the book back on the Paper. The folded Paper should now be the same height as the book, plus about 1/8″ at the top and bottom. Now close the book and fold the back paper along the edge of the cover. Repeat the same process as for the front cover: fold the cover and insert it into the pocket provided by the fold.

The last thing I do is use double-sided tape in the middle of these layers to keep that crease clean under the front of the book cover. You can see that the back is geplakt…de not the forehead. Do you see how beautiful and well-groomed the back is?

And that’s it! Easy peasy, isn’t it? So, with just a few minutes of your time and a few rates, you can turn a stack of books that look like this…

And of course, the sky is the limit when it comes to colors and patterns. Heck, you can even use funny textures. I can imagine my lawn turning my bedroom into beautiful bookshelves.